Called to Worship:

Together we practice and pass on the traditions of a centuries old form of worship, traditions shared with millions of believers the world over.

Called to Pray:

The poetic prayers of these services are loaded with deep meaning; these are prayers from a time when we understood a right relationship to God.

Called to Serve:

It would be easy, living counter to our culture as we do, to keep to ourselves. But that isn’t what Christ asked us to do, not by His teachings nor by His example.

Called to Community:

Drawn by the liturgy, perhaps, or a love of hymns, the rhythm of the church year or Anglican traditions, we find that St. Michael’s is all of that, and more.


…to the website of St. Michael’s Anglican Church in Wilsonville, Oregon. I hope as you read through you will get a picture of who we are and feel invited to visit us in person. Before you dig in, however, I would be remiss if I didn’t say a word about why we exist…

st-m-welcome-fr-bobGod made us, you and me. He didn’t make us robots; He made us living beings with the ability to choose to love Him, or to prefer ourselves and go our own way. Adam and Eve went their own way and the world has suffered under the weight of evil ever since.

But God loves us and hasn’t abandoned us. He came to earth in the person of Jesus, into our linear time and this finite place. He took upon Himself every bad thought, word and deed, in order to free us. Jesus gave His life for us. He made it possible for us to turn back to God.

In light of what Jesus has done for us, we choose to live differently. We are called.

You are too.

The Very Reverend Canon Robert Hawkins, Rector
a.k.a. Father Bob



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